Friday, April 06, 2007

CHESSMEN by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

Those called “WE,” the mirrored image of His Immortal Name;
Rich and Poor, High and Low, are equally here to play His Game.
You are upon this Level, to be searched by the Triangled Eye,
To determine if you are a Son of Truth or a Son of the Evil Lie.
Each is assigned a Circumscribed Station ’til time to part the Square;
So Act upon the Plumb's the Rule, stay Upright, True and Fair.


kyn said...

Like any video game.. we have the casual players... people that don't take it seriously.. but sit down and play a level or two (walk into mass on a sunday with the rest of the blind).. only to get killed in the early stages and never return. Then we have those hard core gamers that not only play... over and over to reach the end.. but go back and search for the easter eggs (siddhis) hidden by the "programmers" along the way... are we the "Bharatas" here to lift THEM up? or ourselves? In lifting them or the few that have the potential to elevate now... we receive a "powerup" as the God Array requires the many... so greater consciousness can ascend to this platform evolving biological systems so the next level can begin.

Make no mistake it is a game... the most amazing... alien.... terrifying.. beautiful game ever created by the bright shining omnipotent super "Shigeru Miyamoto".

Steve Savage "King of the Beasts" said...

In a mystical experience, 34 years ago, I saw at once, above and below the Checkered Pavement, the Chessboard that separates all life forms into their respective, fabricated, cloaked appearances - Kings and Pawns, and those ’twixt these two, yet all of the same Quintessence. The image was of a Living Energy that penetrated that Level of Squares, thereby, mystically connecting all things above and below - the Élan Vital.

I beheld a tremendous slow-motion, plasmatic electro-magnetic lightning show, an arborescent display of the One Universal Life Force, Self-divided amongst its Chessmen on the Board. I was not a part of it, only a Witness. I saw, below the Board, the Life Energy Entity, the Puppeteer, as it were.

He was hidden below the perceptions of the entities on stage, the Chessmen, who believed they were, and behaved as, the separate existences they were not.