Sunday, October 12, 2008

THE MYSTERY OF CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"


Today is Columbus Day observed, the day in which America honors and remembers Christopher Columbus, the Great Italian Explorer-Discoverer, whose faith, courage, and intelligence, has earned him a place in history as The World's Greatest Hero.

Although not celebrated as such, Columbus Day is the holiest day in all of New World Christendom because it is the day that fulfilled our Lord God's desire to establish a New World for his Children - a place where He could look down upon them and love them and bless them beyond all measure.

To understand the mystery of what I am about to reveal to you, consider this: All that exists was first conceived beyond Time as an idea in the Mind of God. This idea was given a name, i.e., a Word, which then became manifest.

So as a carpenter thinks of something upon which to sit, calls it a "Chair," then creates the physical "Chair," so God is the "Thinker," Jesus His "Word," and you His "Thoughts."

Thus, just as the "idea-of-the-Chair" and the "Chair" are one and the same, so, too, are Jesus and the Creator One and the Same - and so, too, are you, because you are in Him and He in you. You are the Children of God.

Now, consider this. Even though the written records of a historical Jesus Christ's sojourn on Earth have been, for the most part, destroyed through the burning of books, libraries, and wholesale slaughter of those who were witnesses of Him, the physical evidence that he was here, is before your eyes in the physical realities of the Sun, the Moon, the Planets, and the Stars.

You have been falsely led to believe by the "Deniers" of God's Existence, that these things are the mythological origins of your belief in Jesus Christ, when the truth is that they are His Works, authored by Him.

Because all that is opposed to the Divinity of Christ, by those who deny the existence of God, Columbus Day is on the endangered American Holiday ("Holy Day") list, and the target for eradication.

"Certain persons have crept in unnoticed, those who were long beforehand marked out for this condemnation, ungodly persons who turn the grace of our God into licentiousness and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ."

A great people among you, the Italian-Americans, the descendants of those who fought and died for America through all of it wars, who defended this land discovered by an Italian, and named for an Italian, stand against the elimination of the holiday that is their equivalent of St. Patrick's Day.

In an obscene war of character attrition, Italian-Americans are being systematically subjected to a media onslaught of prejudices and social injustices that would be classified as race and hate crimes, were they directed at any other racial group or ethnicity.

Why is no one coming forward to speak out against this denigration of the Italian-Americans? Why, indeed, when before your very eyes, you can see for yourselves that Italian-Americans are the continuance of that shining light that shone within their ancestors when they resided in that era of the Quattrocento that Swiss Historian, Jacob Christoph Burckhardt, reverently called "The Cradle of Western Civilization?"

The answer is that it is the intention of powerful entities to once again, metaphorically, "Burn the Books." By defaming and negatively stereotyping Italian-Americans, throwing paint on statues of Columbus, writing him out of history books, seeking to change the name of his holiday to some meaningless secular "day-off-from-work" day, such as "Indigenous Peoples Day," it becomes that much easier to eliminate a proof of God's Existence.

If the antagonists are allowed to succeed in their agenda, Columbus will one day, like God and Jesus Christ, become a personage whose existence will become apocryphal, mythological, a fairy tale, placing doubt in the minds of the ignorant as to whether he ever existed at all, in much the same way false claims that the Nazi Holocaust never existed are polluting the general consciousness.

Here, then, is the Mystery of Columbus Revealed:

When God first thought to create a land for his Children, since Jesus is the "Word" and because "He (the Word) was in the beginning with God; all things were made through him, and without him was not anything made that was made.", it was necessary that Christ be the one to bring that new land into existence because He is also the Creator.

The one chosen by God to perform the physical act of bringing Christianity to the new land was Christopher Columbus.

Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy. The etymological derivation of "Genoa" is from the Ligurian word "Genua," which means "Knee." This is further seen in the word, "Genuflect," which means "to kneel."

The name "Christopher" means "Christ Bearer," and "Columbus" is the taxonomic classification for the "Dove," which is the symbol of The Holy Spirit, the "Navigator" or "Guiding Light."

The Vessel which bore Jesus in the womb, was Mary; the vessel which bore Christianity to the New World, was the Santa Maria.

Despite the lack of present day instrumentation, Columbus, on subsequent voyages, unerringly returned again and again to the exact locations from which he left. It is for this reason he was admiringly referred to by the metonymy, "The Navigator."

October 12, 1492, Columbus fulfilled the destiny and liturgy that was ordained for him by the location of his birth. As he set foot upon the soil of the New World, he dropped to one knee, and humbly named the land San Salvador, Holy Savior, in the name of that most precious spiritual cargo which he unknowingly carried within himself his entire life.