Wednesday, February 27, 2008


With our March 1 wedding anniversary rapidly approaching, last night I dreamt about the almost miraculous circumstances under which Anna and I first met, September 2, 1977, and how we both knew, in that instant, that we were somehow destined for one another. We have never been apart from that moment to this day. (Photo: 1977; Anna–age 25, me–age 40)

The 1987 movie "Made in Heaven" starring Timothy Hutton and Kelly McGillis is a romantic, occasionally funny, drama about two souls who consummate their marriage literally in "Heaven." Needless to say, Anna and I identify very strongly with this movie.

The Movie Plot Outline: Mike Shea, in his first life, dies as a young man performing a heroic rescue. Shortly after arriving in "Heaven" he meets a new soul, Annie Packert, who has never lived on Earth before. The drama centers around their separation soon after being wedded and the burning question is whether they will reunite on Earth before time runs out or whether they are fated to eternal soul-searching.

The synchronicity, that is, the meaningful coincidence attending this, is that this morning I came across this series of questions below by Lalitha V. Raman which coincides precisely with the questions I pondered in my night's dream.

Do we Meet Someone Because we are Destined to Meet?
by lalitha v.raman, Feb 26, 2008

Are we constantly in search of that one person all through our life, till we meet and become instantly comfortable with him or her?

Do we meet a particular person because we are destined to meet?

Could this be because our need for that person at a particular point in time is so great that it drags us towards him or her?

Do we have God inside us, leading us safely towards or away from a particular person?

Do we call this an instinct, a guiding force or destiny?

Could this be our own decision, though unconsciously?

Or have we been made to realize that we are to meet a particular person on a particular day at a particular time and at a particular place!

What will happen if that person comes late and we had left by then?

Will there be another time and another place in which we shall meet that person in some way?

What will happen if we are unable to meet that person that time as well?

Will our opportunity towards meeting that particular person be gone forever?

Are we destined to meet the next person in the queue?

What are we supposed to do?

Does the searching for and the meeting itself create a comfort zone that determines our future relationship with him or her?

Could this be the fatality of being at the same place and at the same time that plays tricks on our minds?

What is the truth and where is the truth?

How do we recognize the particular person, who is meant to meet us from the rest of the others?

Is there some unseen hand that guides us in such a way that we bump into the right person, moving away from the wrong person?

What do we want to do with that person?

Do we want to spend our time with him or her and share our stories?

Do we want to share our life with him or her?

Do we want him or her to fulfill some of our needs and then move away from him or her?

Will that pave way for the next person in queue to identify us and get close to us?

Are we the one for whom the other person has been searching for all through his or her life?

Thinking of such things, it seems strange that we meet, we like, and we continue our friendship with some people.

Then again, we meet, we instantly dislike, or keep a safe distance away from, some other people all through our lives!

We seem to have a mechanism through which our mind operates, identifying, analyzing and concluding on a person's qualifications to be with us or not to be with us!

HELLO by Lionel Richie

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I’M GOING TO THE REUNION by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

I put off attending the Reunion because I had other things to do;
Now I’m saddened I didn’t go to see old friends I knew.
Looking at last year’s photos of those who chose to go,
Makes me long to be there with them at the Luncheon, Banquet, and Show.
Why wasn’t I there to share the memories of those times now past;
With my dear departed classmates at the Reunion that was their last.
I put off attending the Reunion because I had other things to do;
Now I’m happy I’m going to see dear friends both old and new.
I’m not going to miss this Reunion; that’s a promise I’ve got to keep;
So I can laugh and joke with folks like me before my Final Sleep.

NOTE: I’m in the top row, second from left.