Saturday, September 09, 2006

DEATH OF MY SAVIOUR through Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

This is the Sixth Major Spiritual Experience in My Life.

"I was falling at the speed of light toward the center of a violent flaming plasmic storm; the boundary where Existence and Non-Existence opposed one another in unyielding equilibrium, a place of no return, locked in Eternal Conflict."


Oh, my dear Lord Jesus, please come into my heart;
Save me from this horror I did not mean to start.
I beg you not to let me fall into that Burning Hell
Of unquenchable fire where unspeakable horrors dwell.
Oh, please my Lord, come to me, I am so afraid;
Do not let this be the place which for me was made.
Oh my dear sweet Jesus, what have I done to Thee?
There You are upon that Cross suffering exquisitely.
Why are You turned away from me? I cannot see Your face;
I feel as though I know You, that You are in my place.
I did not want You to die for me; Oh, why did I offend?
My heart is now so broken, my tears will never end.
I am forever in Thy debt; I now belong to Thee;
What Thou willest I will do, whatever that may be.
Said unheard Voice above me from within a Sword of Light,
“You are now Christ’s Champion; be a faithful loyal Knight.
I’ll call you when your time is come to do what you must do;
For now, enjoy the Heaven I’ve spread in front of you.”


Steve Savage "King of the Beasts" said...

Salvatore Dali was much more than he appeared to be. He was a gateway that provided a medium of expression through which the Infinite can became manifest and somewhat understandable in our three dimensional space. In 1975 when I had a vision of Christ crucified on the Cross, it was the exact vision, in every detail, of Dali's Crucifixion, Corpus Hypercubus, though I had never seen it before that experience (it's posted on my Blog. see below).

I first saw a small replica of the Corpus Hypercubus, in this reality, several years later, in 1978, as I was walking down the stairs of a friend's home when, there before my eyes, it's appearance struck me like a thunderbolt.

Dali's presentation of the Crucifixion is unusual in that Christ is crucified on a Tesseract, also called an 8-cell or regular octachoron which is a four-dimensional representation of the Cube. In other words, the Tesseract is to the Cube, as the Cube is to the Square.

The Tesseract is a term coined by Charles Howard Hinton, who first conceived of how a Fourth Dimensional Cube would appear in Three Dimensional Space.

Christ is mystically referred to as the Cube, whose six sides refer to the number "Six," of his position on the Middle Pillar of the Tree of Life. The Qabala refers Him as Tiphareth. The expression of the octchoron, whose aspect is "8," is the symbol for Infinity portrayed vertically.

wiganfootie said...

HAPPY & Blessed EASTER! Steve HUGS Sue x