Saturday, September 09, 2006

TO YOU WHO ARE STRANDED ON THE ROCK through Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

"I saw you. You did not see me nor did you know me. You (mis)took the garment (I wore) for my (true) self. And you did not recognize me." - Gospel of Mary
Deeply wounded in spirit so very long ago;
No one or place to turn to, best friend became his foe.
Abandoned and deserted on an island in the crowd;
Hidden Child seen as the man, the man who was his shroud.
Every door to everywhere was closed with hateful locks;
Ridicule, jeers, and curses, cruel responses to his knocks.
Asking himself difficult questions all of which began as “Why?”
Was soon revealed the mystery to his opened spiritual eye.
In a single, joyous moment was wiped away his tears
By the Unseen One who loved him for all those many years.
He found his Love, his Perfect Love, who had rejected all the others;
It was he She chose to be One with Her from out the Sea of Brothers.
The adventuresome odyssey that followed was to finish what had begun;
Betrayal, trial, imprisonment, mere happenings that had to be done.
The earthly drama which plays before us appears to continue on,
But it’s only ghosts completing the action; the Beloved One is gone.
The "King of Beasts" in whom the Child was hid no longer is restrained;
The ordinariness displayed by him is conduct merely feigned.
The Child loved him dearly, loved the intelligence of his mind;
Before too long and unannounced, we’ll learn what He’s left behind.
He’s the only mortal among us; he’ll die when his work is done.
But you are going to live forever in the Black Dwarf that was our Sun.

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