Saturday, September 09, 2006

GENESIS by Steve Savage King of the Beasts"

I looked out from within the eyes of the Mighty Living One
Who stood alone in the Formless Void before it had all begun.
Silent Nothingness was everywhere; there was total Non-Existence;
I, the imprisoned Witness by some Unknown’s insistence.
Suddenly, the neither Dark nor Light quickly began to tear apart;
From out of the tabula rasa of Nothing, Creation had its start.
Who was performing this magical production before my very eyes?
It could only be an Ens perfectissimum, someone infinitely wise.
Across the way of the Great Abyss and upon a Mountain Peak,
Sat a godlike Man in Le Penseur pose who did not need to speak.
As He asked Himself the Eternal Questions, mostly “Who” and “What,”
I realized His thoughts were my thoughts although He saw me not.
What if He had chanced to turn about and look in my direction?
Would He have seen that He was, in fact, the Mighty One’s reflection?
“Who am I?” was the question asked, observing that I am He.
And “Who is He?” was not asked because I knew that He is Me.
Because I know that He is Me and I am He, then I am Me is true;
The answer now I need to know is “Who in this Hell are You?”

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