Monday, March 08, 2010

THE SALESMAN'S EPITAPH by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

I could not sing; I could not dance;
Yet I needed the cash that was in your pants.
Too unskilled to labor; too afraid to steal;
But how I needed your money for my very next meal.
Faced with life as a living Hell,
The choice was simple - Starve or Sell!
What had I to offer? What had I to give?
What was it you wanted so I may also live?
I studied the masters who trod my path before
And close attention paid that I too may learn the score.
I made you feel important and let you know you rate;
Then offered you something for nothing and watched you take the bait.
I recognized your achievements; applauded all that you have done.
I played the praising father to you a beaming son.
Yes I piped your tune and fulfilled your need
To be admired by peers who shared your greed.
Before talk of money we formed a tight-knit bond.
I was sure you’d grant me a favor; how else could you respond?
From my list of choices offered you did the best you could;
Certifying your self-importance as I surely knew you would.
But lest you faltered and changed your mind,
The deal we made I had to bind.
We were only voices over the phone;
Each of us members of the Great Unknown.
I asked for your word and then your hand,
To seal our deal that was made in sand.
You could not have known you were saving a wreck.
Thanks for your faith in me. Thanks for the check!