Sunday, August 09, 2009

SEMJAZA'S SONG OF LOVE through Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

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I hate all you mother f*ckers;
You lousy pieces of shit.
You filthy, f*cking degenerate c*cksuckers,
Scraped from the bottom of the pit.
Lowlife scum, despicable pukes;
I hate the sight of you all.
You holier-than-thous who utter rebukes;
On your bellies I’ll make you crawl.
You f*cking no-good stinking rats;
Betraying the innocents who trust,
While hiding behind your cloaks and hats,
To slake your perverted lust.
Oh, when you see me in our appointed place;
Sitting upon the Throne of Hell,
You’ll have a last look upon the face,
Of one you knew too well.
Because I love the One who made you;
You who killed my brother, His Son,
Your souls are mine as payment due,
In suffering that will never be done.