Saturday, September 09, 2006

TRAPEZE by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

Hanging from chains that reached to the sky, the bar swung back and forth,
Challenging me to dare and see what it is I am really worth.
The pit I dug so deep in the ground made for more dangerous play;
If I were to experience true freedom, then courage is the price I must pay.
Oh, I was afraid – make no mistake; you will get no argument there.
However, greater than fear was that love of freedom, to be alone in the air.
Against the fence, on a platform, raised high above the ground,
I measured and timed the swing of the bar, its whisper the only sound.
Doubting neighbors gathered on porches to witness my attempt;
Those faint hearts of the background who hold the daring in contempt.
The bar descended from the top of its arc, the choice was to go or to stay;
My moment of truth was upon me; now was my appointed day.
I leaped out into the nothingness, transformed into who I would be,
Once safely on the other side with others just like me.

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