Sunday, September 24, 2006

"WHO'S WORKING THE MAIN GATE?" by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

The post is now vacant, at the Main Gate, where all of our friends once stood;
Who is there now to take their place, as if anyone ever could?
The rain that falls upon that lonely Guard Shack, mirrors the tears we shed,
As we think of the hundreds of memories we shared in the life they led.
O’ those Guards! They were our own – members of the “Kagnew Gang;”
Those wonderful, unforgettable Buddies, whose exploits we all sang.
How can it be the same without them; those whom we loved to call “friend?”
Remembrance of the joy they gave us so saddens us at this end.
Poets say April is the cruelest month, but each month will be our time to mourn;
As we try to mend the holes in our hearts from which so many of us were torn.

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xena said...

The "Men at the Gate"....those who guarded the safest place to lay one's head!

Ron J.