Sunday, September 10, 2006

ROAD RAGE by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

What are you looking at you piece of crap?
Oh I’d love to choke you and give you a slap.
Don’t think I didn’t see you sneaking up behind,
Trying for an advantage on my side that is blind,
Casting sarcastic glances with an evil eye;
I’d love to blow your car up and watch you boil and fry.
Beware of me; don’t think me kind;
Can’t you see the Road Demon has seized my mind?
You think this is over? I have many tricks in store.
As eager as you are to beat me, I want to beat you more.
I hate you, you stinking bastard. I don’t even know your name;
Outraging Road Ragers just happens to be my game.
How I want to kill you and punch your face right in!
Who are you giving that finger to with that shit-eating grin?
You’re lucky I haven’t a gun or I’d shoot you in the head;
Or how’d you like a red hot poker shoved up your ass instead?
You’re making me crazy; you’re adding fuel to the fire;
God I wish I had the power to blow out your tire.
Look out you creep! I’m on the attack!
So get off my ass! Get off my back!
I’ve got you now; going to cut you off;
That shit-box you’re driving is starting to cough.
No! Don’t exit here to avoid my revenge;
The wrongs I’ve imagined I have to avenge.
Oh why did you have to get in my way?
Now you and I both have ruined my day.

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Xena said...

Gosh "Steve" first I thought you were writing about me, but I own a Mercedes ML-320!

Ron J. AKA (Xena)