Saturday, September 09, 2006

THE PROMISE through Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

My Love ---

When cold Winter’s tides draw near to claim
The works of Love in Summer’s Sand,
Where goes the Love which filled these things with Beauty?

Will we Be again?
Will our Souls once more embrace
On some yet unknown distant shore?

“In the sweet sorrow of our separation,
Have faith in the things hoped for
And belief in the things not seen.

I will not forsake you!

Though it be another time --- another place,
Another story --- another face,
I will know you . . .

Because you bear the Name by which I have named you.

And when the glowing coal which I gave you from My Hearth
Glows brighter still to snap the icy chains of cold Winter’s Past,
And chases away the Shadows of Fear and Doubt by the Light of its Inheritance,

Come to Me!

I await your knock upon the Door of Now - - -
In the springtime of a New Promise to play again in Summer’s sand . . .
To embrace and kiss, to whisper dreams of things to come,
To share and give, to care, to build . . . to live ---
To recreate ourselves as One . . . again ---”

And how will I know Thee?

“I am the One who has named you by My Name.
You are My Love, My Love!
By My Name you will know Me ---




Anonymous said...

Thank you Steve,what a beautiful poem,Ian once said we will be together in another world xxxWiganfootie

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Rachel said...

Just spectacular! Automatic writing from the source of all things! I know of this intimately...Beautiful pic also and I look forward to reading more of your blog etc. I am all teared up. PEACE