Saturday, September 09, 2006

GOING HOME by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

Imagine yourself walking along an old country lane
Beside flowered-green meadows kissed by rain.
Need-of-repair rustic fences mark the side of the road,
You’re alone with yourself in a deep pensive mode.
How did you get here? Not really asking to know;
You’re back to “when-it-was” in the time called “long ago.”
The voices of those then with you now echo without sound;
Those who were all about you are now nowhere to be found.
Look down there just beyond the bend; what is it that you see?
There’s something so familiar about the majesty of that tree.
Drawing nearer, looking more intently, you see a child standing there;
You recognize each other because he once was in your care.
He’s the child who you were; you’re the man where his path has led.
Look deeply into each other’s eyes; there are things that must be said.
What will you say to this child and what will he say to you, his man?
Once said, walk home together; give each your loving hand.


Anonymous said...

Nice one, man! I really liked it.
Got here via clipper (Mirrors have a memory)

Matthew Anton (BacklinksVault) said...

Very well-written...that's why we must do today that which we wished we would have done ysterday.