Wednesday, January 17, 2007

DOWN by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

Deep below the waters at the bottom of the Sea;
To carry me ever deeper still, an elevator waits for me.
Descending into greater depths, beneath the Ocean Floor;
I listened to above-fading-sounds of the waters mighty roar.
Before my eyes were written, numbers upon a Wall;
Evenly marking from 10 to 1, the destination of my Fall.
Exiting from that tiny Room, I stood upon Top Stair;
First of a Mystical Thirteen Steps that led down to a Secret Lair.
Counting backward from 13 to 1, I stood before an Iron Gate;
Somehow I knew admittance was my Code of 3-2-8.
As I entered the Room, I glanced around to see what it was that’s there:
A Stage, a Desk, a Phone, some Files, Cabinets everywhere.
I was standing in the Command Center of the Primate in my care;
He was on the Stage before me, comfortably seated in his chair.
Across the Room was a Hieroglyphed Portal, message inscribed on Papyrus Reeds:
“Enter Ye to the Sacred Temple of Ancient Mysteries, Sects, and Creeds.”
I stepped inside upon the lighted Ramp that led downward from West to East;
Torches held on Great Stone Pillars by every Mythic Beast.
The Ramp turned right Ninety Degrees ever downward South;
Drawing me closer to what I feared was a ravenous Monster’s Mouth.
Once more the Ramp turned to the right, ninety degrees from South to West;
I somehow knew that this would be, my Last, my Final Test.
Straining to see what it was that lied beyond the Smoky Haze;
My Heart stood still, my breathing stopped, as I witnessed what was before my Gaze.
I fell to my knees upon the Checkered Pavement, the Floor beneath that Mighty Throne;
Upon Who sits the Ancient of Days; He who reigns Alone.
No words needed to be spoken; I knew what I was called to do;
To return to the World that’s soon to End so I may die with you.

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