Monday, February 19, 2007


With debt rising almost exponentially, Federal, State, and Local Governments are in dire straits to fund payrolls, healthcare and prescription programs, deficits, entitlements, pensions, shortfalls, and whatever names you can apply to their having to come up with the cash before the people drag out the guillotines. To get immediate cash, which will give current office holders a chance to cover short term expenses, and get the hell out before the long term cost is realized when the current attention span of the people expires; they’re turning to “PRIVATIZATION.”

This is kind of like throwing money out the window to the mob below and making tracks while they’re distracted and have not yet realized that there is no longer anyone at the window.

Despite the seemingly innocuous name of “Privatization,” we are about to witness further wholesale selling of Toll Roads, State Lotteries, Municipal Administrations, Prison Systems, our Military, any and all revenue producing systems, etc. to our biggest creditors, China and Japan. Because this would possibly be met with outrage, rioting, and violence by the American people, if publicly and openly transacted, “Front Men” for these acquisitors will be Australian and Spanish intermediary “Beards,” whose proximal Caucasian facade would be more tolerable than those of former enemies.

There’s even a good possibility that Hawaii, which is more Asian oriented than Occidental, will one day be officially acquired by the Japanese, who already own the islands de facto. Indeed, if it were put to a vote to the Hawaiian people today, you could start bringing out those pre-August 21, 1959, 49 Star Flags.

You can use you own imaginations as to what the consequences of these transactions will have upon our freedoms. GOOGLE “Privatization” "Toll Roads for Sale" "America for Sale" and follow your common sense.

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Steve Savage "King of the Beasts" said...

"Goldman Sachs has set up an infrastructure investment arm, and has been working closely with Australian-owned Macquarie Infrastructure Group (MIG) and the Spanish construction firm Cintra to leverage lease deals for public roads and building projects for public highways."

"On one end, Goldman Sachs is advising government entities how to proceed with the transaction . . .

On the another side, an account has created by Goldman Sachs to funnel investors’ money into an investment fund with the sole purpose of investing in highway infrastructure projects."