Thursday, April 26, 2007


"Once a year, 1000 remarkable people gather in Monterey, California to exchange something of incalculable value - their ideas. What happens there has never been shared until now."

One of the speakers, Oxford University's noted evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins (photo), gave a devastating critique of religion that has made him a leading figure in the New Atheism.

Here is my reply to Mr. Dawkins:
"Men believe what they cannot prove" - Kwai Chang Caine

Atheism is a belief, a conviction, not provable. "Does God exist? If He does not exist, then who is it that Atheists believe they deny? Science, in the language of Quantum Theory, says God does exist because "All things are possible." Mr. Dawkins is, of course, an absolutely brilliant man in this Realm of Relativity in which we all find ourselves and, as such, he pitches a very cogent, persuasive appeal for his opinions to those whom he considers espouse the belief that they are the Elite among us. His English accent, couched in pomposity and arrogance, doesn't hurt the presentation either. It's perfectly natural for parts to seek out their analogs within the structure of the Whole; the Law of Homogeneity at work, birds of a feather wanting to flock together. So the Draft call to enlist in the Army of Militant Atheism by Mr. Dawkins is quite understandable. My concern is that we are all here, on a Great Round Ball, smack dab in the middle of Zero and Infinity, not knowing who we are, where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going from here, if anywhere. While it is true that in our Realm of Relative Existence, some are relatively more intelligent than others; on the Level Playing Field in which we find ourselves, we are all absolutely as equally ignorant in our ability to come up with answers to the Eternal Questions. I have often wondered what would happen if, for one reason or another, the masses became convinced that there is no God. Would the poor and hungry turn upon the rich and satisfied? In the "Bhagavad Gita," the Song of God, Dharma asks of Yudisthira, "Of all the world's wonders, which is the most wonderful?" And Yudisthira replies: "That no man, though he sees others dying all about him, believes that he, himself, will not die." So unless Mr. Dawkins is an immortal, the time will come for him to stand before the Door that leads into the Great Unknown. He may very well find himself rapidly evolving from Militant Atheist to Agnostic, to Believer, to Repentant Metanoid. And, of course, he will be welcomed with open arms.

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No Morgan Freeman needs a god.