Sunday, May 27, 2007

AT THE VETERANS DAY PARADE by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

“Oh excuse me sir, I really hope you don’t mind;
I saw you watching the Parade and you seemed so kind.
You see, I’m a Disabled Vet who served in Iraq;
And the benefits they promised are being held back.
The Veterans Administration, the one who dispenses,
Refuses to acknowledge my Traumatized Senses.
My wife and I are now out of our home;
And with no place to sleep, it’s the streets we must roam.
We lost the security of our home’s roof,
Because the VA won’t pay without physical proof.
So please kind sir, if you could find it in your heart,
Do you have some spare change with which you can part?”
“Have you no Patriotism - you and your bothersome Hag?
Can’t you see I’m busy waving the Flag?
Go find some park bench where you can sit.
I’ve got to cheer the Marchers: Hip, Hip, O’Crit!”

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Anonymous said...

The VAMC here in Houston is my sole provider of medical care. I am 60% disabled due to surgery errors by Army doctors in Ethiopia. I have found that the care I receive from the VA is equal to if not better than the care I received from the HMO in Austin, Texas while I was working for the Austin Independent School District but I learned early in my experience with the VA that one must be willing to "learn the system" and put up with a maze of government red tape and a host of uncaring people who occupy staff positions. I have also learned that the entire process is made much easier if one becomes a member of the DAV. The DAV unlike the American Legion, VFW, Texas Vietnam Era Veterans, etc is differant in that there is only one way to join. You must first be classified disabled and then pay for a life membership (About $180.00 if I remember correctly but they'll work with you on an installment plan) The DAV, unlike the other organizations, actually has lawyers working for you and when they bark the beauracrats listen. BuDaT