Saturday, September 29, 2007

"Pope John Paul I, Exiled to Anonymity" by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"


Twenty-nine years ago, today, the body of Albino Luciani, John Paul I, our last Italian Pope in 455 years of unbroken succession, was found dead of mysterious causes, in his quarters. This incident has been ignored and swept under the rug so effectively, that he has become "Our Forgotten Pope." After coming across this information in italics below, I resurrected the two posts which follow this one. Please read both.

"The Catholic Church elects a "god" periodically which it calls the Pope. The last Pope was John Paul II. When John Paul was a young man, he worked for a chemical company. He was the salesman who sold the cyanide to Hitler for the gas chambers. [For documentation please Google "Behold A Pale Horse" by William Cooper]. Now we step ahead to Pope Benedict. He is not just someone who helped the Nazis - he is a for real Nazi. He joined the Hitler Youth at age 14 or so as reported by the national news. Of course, both of these "good men" were duly elected as "gods" and now they want to hurry up and make John Paul a "saint".
By what stretch of the imagination do we conclude that there is anything remotely spiritual or "godly" about a guy who sold Hitler his poison gas chemicals or his Nazi successor from the Hitler Youth group."

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Basia-nee Januszkiewicz said...

I have tried to post a response to your other post related to the strange image found on that video of John Paul I murder.

I recognize it only because an identical likeness to it was once drawn for me years ago when I attended FAU in Boca Raton, Fl.

It is an image of the Gnostic 'God'.
It seems they think that the G-D of the Jews is a Demon and their G-D is the true G-D.

Personally, if this is true, then they are in error. Since the person who drew the image is a practising Gnostic, I believed him.

Below is an url to an image I found on the internet.

I must tell you a cold chill ran down my spine when I saw that image.
I know the man who drew the image
also is a Luciferian as well as a gnostic. He alleged that most who are deeply into gnosticism are also practicing Luciferians.