Sunday, December 02, 2007

"MEET MY TEACHERS" by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

Sylvan Scolnick aka "Cherry Hill Fats"

The Sanskrit term "Upanishad" literally means "sitting down beside." It is a term that defines the relationship between a Teacher and his Student.

Soon after my Cosmic Consciousness Experience of August 1973 I was "set" upon a Path of Esoteric Learning, in the Greater Philadelphia Area Classroom of the School of Life, to be instructed by Master Teachers in Arcane Knowledge.

These teachings have never been, nor ever will be, written or recorded.

Though my Teachers are no longer among us, many results of their lessons have been accomplished by unwitting countless thousands through the instructions of their Last Disciple who is writing these words.

The names of my Teachers, in the order in which I synchronistically encountered each one, received their instructions and moved on, are:

1. Larry Mullenhagen: He recited the words of the "Great Secret" to me that I had to commit to memory in one hearing.

2. W.W. Lassiter: By including in my instructions the mantra,"People respond to strength with admiration and respect; they respond to weakness with strength," he taught me to be "Strong" in all that I am.

3. Sylvan Scolnick aka "Cherry Hill Fats": Endowed with a mind of unbelievable intellectual capacity, imprisoned in a 700 lb. body, he possessed business knowledge that would "post-grad" both the Harvard School of Business and the Wharton School of Penn.

4. Carl Spaulding: He was the Flame to the Moths. He possessed a Power of Magnetic Attraction and Strength of Presence from which few could escape.

5. Lou Piazza: A genius of the highest magnitude, Lou was dyslexic, spoke in malapropisms, and his very being engendered antipathy, hostility, and false feelings of superiority in others. When one thought that he was outsmarting Lou, that was the moment that one was being outsmarted.

6. John Wright: A creative genius, wealthy beyond the wealth of all men because, metaphorically speaking, he held the Combinations to All Safes. The World was his Bank from which he could withdraw whatever cash he needed to satisfy his needs or whims.

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what extremely interesting "teachers" I respect!