Friday, July 10, 2009

YOUR FIRST COMPANY COMMAND by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

Dear Danny,

Congratulations on your appointment to your first command, Company Commander of C Company, 211th, Fort Benning, GA, your current life's position on what will ultimately lead to the kind of brilliant and stellar military career for which most warriors can only hope and dream.

As I write this, I am sitting before the hundreds of Athletic, Academic, and Scholar Awards that you have received through the years that bear witness to your Outstanding and Singular Achievements and Accomplishments.

Each one is, for me, a glorious moment frozen in time, where I have felt so blessed that God chose me to be your father.

You have always been the kind of son of which Kings dreamed for their own, possessing the most admirable traits and qualities; those most admired and respected by Men, including, but not limited to: Honesty, Integrity, Reliability, Dependability, Selflessness, Respectfulness, Generosity, Humility, and Compassion.

Most of all, you possess the Warrior's two greatest weapons: Wisdom and Courage. It is these things that have earned you the admiration and respect not only of the succession of peers, teammates, family and fiends, in your life, who affectionately refer to you as: "Golden Boy," "Danny the Lionhearted, and "Achilles;" but you have earned the admiration and respect of your opponents, as well.

Congratulations again, Danny, my beloved son. I look forward to your every continued success in your already very brilliant career.

All my love,


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