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MY COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS EXPERIENCE by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

  (This is the Third of Eight Major Spiritual Experiences in my life)

August 1973, at age 36, I experienced what is now popularly termed "Cosmic Consciousness." The "Experience" was such that I didn't know whether I was dying, hallucinating, poisoned, or what or why this was happening. My experiential reality ("Maya") was suddenly stripped away and I was confronted with "God only knows what." I was infinitely small, a singularity, a point of view looking out through the eyes of a tremendous being of infinite dimensions, i.e., if, oxymoronically, dimensions were possible. Looking down at my legs and body, I was amazed that I was inside of, controlling, such a huge Being, a Kabbalistic Adam Kadmon, as it were. It was like looking out from the eyes of the Statue of Liberty in a way; "a Rockefeller Plaza Prometheus," alone in the Void. This "Body," this "Universe," was all there was. There was nothing else. No light. No darkness. Nothing!

"There was neither non-existence nor existence. There was neither the realm of space nor the sky which is beyond. There was neither death nor immortality. There was no distinguishing sign of day or night. That One breathed by its own impulse. Other than that, there was nothing beyond." - Veda Hymn of Creation

Suddenly, the Nothingness began to separate into shapes and forms. I was witnessing Creation. What was assembling before me was a scene separated from me by a Great Abyss. Across that Abyss was a Mountain and a Sea off in the distance. On that Mountain, seated on a Rock, in the nearly identical pose of Rodin's "The Thinker," was a God-like Bearded Man of unimaginable anatomical perfection in Left Profile. Nothing seemed real; the perfectly round Disc (Moon) in the sky appeared stage-like as well (no radiance) (♫"It's only a Paper Moon sailing over a Cardboard Sea"♪).

I was observing all this as a Being of Pure Consciousness; the Life observing the Clay, as it were. The thoughts of the Man on the Mountain were my thoughts. He ("I") was asking him ("My") self the Eternal Questions. "I" the Observer, the Man the Observed, yet One and the same.

He never looked toward me. It was "I" who was aware of him, he unaware of me. He stood up, walked toward the Peak of the Mountain, his back towards me. He walked around, then down, the right side of the Mountain and disappeared from my view.

I next became aware that "I" was separate from my body. I thought, "What's happening? I'm so afraid." Then, "There's nothing to be afraid of; I'm all there is." Looking down from the right, out of my seated body, "I" suddenly had great compassion and love for this Beast, this Primate, who had harbored me for all my life. "I" was the god to whom he prayed for all these years. "I" was his immortal.

If not for me, he would have been the King of the Beasts in the Natural Order of Things. "I" thought, "When Buddy (body) dies, he hits the ground and rots. What happens to me? Where do "I" go?" This, of course, is a very brief, very superficial recollection of a much greater "Experience" that could fill volumes. It is what has been driving me for more than 40 years to seek answers to the Eternal Questions.

I have lived a Mystical Life in a Quest that has rewarded me with a wealth of "a posteriori" knowledge that corresponds exactly to my "a priori" experiences; yet, Absolute Knowledge was still not in my grasp until my 8th major spiritual experience which occurred December 8, 1976 ("I" am not here).

Of the 1,000's of books that looked for me, were read by me, a select few have given names to, and are in agreement with, the elements of the "Experience": 1. The Bhrihadaranyaka Upanishad;  2. Proverbs 8:22-27; and 3. "The Wisdom of the Vedas," by J.C. Chatterji in which I was amazed to discover an exact description of the Unitive Vision, the Third of Eight Major Spiritual Experiences in my life in Part I, the chapter titled "Waking Up."

I have since bought from "Hindu Reality" and "Kashmir Shaivism" by J.C. Chatterji seeking further insights. However, it is "The Wisdom of the Vedas" that validated my Experience of August 1973.

My Weltanschauung changed after the Experience of August 1973. Ignorance is truly Bliss. It beats Infinite Insanity. Why do I know what I know? I keep trying to pull the wool over my own eyes but it's of no use. If you are someone who is truly spiritually awakened, on the Path, please post a comment.

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Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"


This One said...

Yea once you see its all infinite theres no going back. Thanks for sharing this powerful story.

Infinite insanity can turn into infinite bliss if you leave your mind on the sideline and just take everything as it comes without labeling. Easier said than done but practice will make perfect.

Juan said...

Your experience resonates with me, although it is so far beyond what I have reached. It gives me hope, for humanity. Reading what you have achieved.

I feel like I need to point some of my friends onto the right path.

What advice would you give to those just beginning their journey?

I have several friends who are slowly being awakened to the realisation there is more than this, and they are going in a multitude of different directions.

Of late, I have been pointing friends, religious and Atheist alike, towards Sri Paramhasa Yogananda's "Autobiography of a Yogi" after his book had clarified so many things to me, and his Kriya Yoga teachings allowed me to have my first spiritual experience. Which is easily the greatest experience of my 25 years in this body.

Also the teachings of Meher Baba, I have found to be immense, on any topic. And my recent discovery of his diagram explaining the 10 states of God, still has me in awe every time I ponder it.

I would be extremely grateful of any advice you could give.


Alan said...

I too have experienced this magical moment, back recently in 2008.
However, I did have a close shave when I was 5 in Southport open air baths, if it were not for a young lad who saw me, I would not have had the advantage of meditation at such a young age.... that night was my first realization of mortality, 45 years later the epiphany, kundalini awakening, spiritual awakening, religious emergency, enlightenment, what ever you wish to call it, but then, if you do not keep it in check, you will loose it to complacency.

Barry Murray said...

I, as well, have been to this place I have learned to call the Akashic Records. (it has many names) Your description of being small resonates. I saw the bottoms of shoes as family members passed me by. I being the size of a pea. The "small size" experience came at the beginning of the vision. During the bulk of it I did not have a feeling of being big or small. It has taken me 7 years to begin to digest the massive amounts of information pumped into my mind. I am constantly surprised at my understanding of spiritual experiences. I could start writing about it today and not stop for a very long time. I can not get over the shear volume of information I stumbled away with. Haven't got a clue what to do with it all.