Sunday, November 12, 2006


Two, often three times per day, Four Humvees would exit from the sanctuary, such as it was, of their Forward Operating Base, to play the deadly Game of IED Roulette and RPG Lottery. Before them, standing by the Gate, at the start of each deadly Roll of the Dice, was Evil, displayed in all His loathsome malevolence in the guise of Printed Words Upon A Sign: "TODAY MAY BE YOUR TURN TO DIE!" The Twenty-four year old Platoon Leader, a young man, cast in the role of Strong, Heroic Father Figure to the even younger men who accompanied him into Hell's Blackest Darkness; that Grotto of Fear, filled with Death's deafening roar of Threatening Thunder, placed reassuring hands upon the shoulders of these dear frightened children as they sobbed out through their tears, "Oh Lieutenant! I'm so afraid!"

"I, too, am afraid." said the Lieutenant, "But don't fear the Thunder; we know it's Lightning that does the damage!"

The Four Humvees would then bravely venture forth into the Unknown; each filled with a precious cargo whose Strength and Courage is their Love for those who stayed behind, who can only Hope and Pray that "It is Our Son who will come back unharmed."

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