Friday, November 10, 2006

Thank You, Our Beloved Sons of America; God Bless You For Your Courage.

(Dedicated in loving, respectful tribute to all Our Sons of America, who have ever fought for, are fighting for, and will continue to fight for, the freedom, safety, and security of we, who are their loved ones, especially to: Daniel Burch Anton, Gene "Gomer" Corley, LT. Harris, Bill “Chief” Helmsley, Eric V. Jablonski, Mitchell Padgett, “Scotty,” Dannie Taylor, and all those, who are of us, who chose to place themselves in harm's way in Defense of the American Principle
through Steve Savage

There is a man who walks among us, the most respected of us all;
He is not the politician nor the guy who bats a ball.
He is not the teacher or doctor, the scientist nor the priest;
And certainly not the critic, that pusillanimous beast.
No! It is the Man of True Authority, the One we love and revere;
The One who reigns in His own Light, the One we hold so dear.
Cowards honor the diplomat, whose words inspire flight,
Substituting dishonorable wrong in place of honorable right.
We are for that Fighting Man, that One who is standing tall,
Whose courage, strength, and love for us brings Freedom to us all.


We Guards of the '50's, who served at Kagnew Station, Asmara, Eritrea, Ethiopia, were not trained as Military Police Officers. We were Infantry MOS. Generously punctuated among our ranks were men who proudly displayed the Combat Infantryman's Badge, which they were awarded for so heroically engaging America's enemies in the Korean Conflict. Some had even received Purple Hearts, Bronze Stars, and Silver Stars. It has taken 50 years of retrospection to appreciate within the depths of our souls, the unbelievable sacrifice that these men made for America. They were modest men who never spoke of their courage under fire. To us, they were just "Chief," Scotty," "Lt. Harris," and other familiar appellations which somehow masked what noble men they were who walked among us. This a tribute to these men.

(For those Guards of the '50's, if you can recall the names of those heroes of our time, or if any Guards have, or have had, sons who served in combat, please e-mail their names to me so I can list them on my Blog; not to honor them, because it is they who have honored us, but to somehow let their spirits know that we who remain, have not forgotten.)

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