Thursday, July 12, 2007

"Little Boy with the Basketball; Making of The Mafia Prince" by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

[The Spiritless live among us, appearing as we do, seemingly conducting their affairs as we do; but they are vastly different. They are in possession of an Arcane Knowledge, passed from Father to Son; Keepers of Secrets that have never been, and never will be, revealed. The Length and Breadth and Depth of their True Existence cannot be known because they are, by Nature, in Obedience only to Necessity. The poem, which follows, describes one such true ruthless, treacherous, violent, remorseless Path to the coronation, of "The Chosen One."]
Little Boy with the basketball how you have grown
From a happy loved child, now a man on your own.
Said that sweet darling girl who brought you into our Room,
“This is my Brother - Our destiny’s Groom.
He’s the heart of our Father; His choice for the Throne;
Our Mother, of course, would choose one of her own.”

The Sister, true mother, took the Boy by the hand;
“He must first be a Child. . . . You understand.”
One day the Father, with both Jealousy and Pride,
Proclaimed that the Boy must now sit by His side.
How quickly he learned this Favorite Son;
He soon mastered all that was to be done.
The Son waxed full; The Father waned low;
Dread was announcing the Time of Sorrow.
This was the moment, the Ultimate Test,
To see if the Boy was truly His best.
Pitting brother against brother, Mother against Son;
The Boy had to stand; there was nowhere to run.
Armed with the love of his Faithful Wife,
The Boy fought Blood’s Treachery in the fight for His life.
How could He fail? He had learned from the King;
He earned the praises His Subjects now sing.
Vanquished to Nowhere the Old Man would cry;
Though safe with His daughter, He wanted to die.
“What did I do to my Beautiful Son?
What is this terrible thing I have done?”

Be Joyous Old Man; you did what you must;
It was only in you that God placed His Trust.
The Boy with the basketball when all this began;
Your happy loved Child, is now a Respected Feared Man.

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