Sunday, August 12, 2007



Looks like Mother Nature is taking care of the problem of overpopulation posited by Thomas Malthus in 1798, in what's now termed the "Malthusian Catastrophe." That is, Food Supplies are growing arithmetically while populations increase eponentially. "Food," of course, can be construed to include all limited natural resources: oil, gas, water, etc. Note the mad scramble to stake claims to the Arctic: Russia planting titanium flags on the sea bottom; Denmark resurrecting pseudo-geographical claims to Greenland; Canada building two new military bases in the Arctic, etc. "Doctor" Nature has embarked on a worldwide inoculation program of Her Biosphere employing billions of insects. While it is a "Given" that, in the etiology of things, mosquitoes are the source for spreading the Deadly West Nile Virus, great care has been exercised in restraining the declaration that the AIDS Virus can be spread in like manner. The good news is that there are members of Humanity who are immune to these diseases just in case Science cannot find a cure. So, in that regard, Mankind will continue. In 1851 Herbert Spencer gave us the oft quoted metaphor "Survival of the Fittest" to describe this phenomenon; though scientists prefer "Natural Selection." Meantime, if you're not one of those to whom "Doctor" Nature has given the "Antidote," use DEET, AVOID THE OUTDOORS DURING EVENING HOURS WHEN MOSQUITOES ARE MOST ACTIVE, WEAR LOOSE FITTING CLOTHING. There is also the "word of mouth" repellent discovered years ago called SKIN SO SOFT by AVON.

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