Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"FOR WHOM DOES THE BELL TOLL?" by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

I don't see too many "SUPPORT OUR TROOP" stickers anymore. They're not really selling, except mostly on-line, and then only families and friends of those serving are buying them—the Law of Supply and Demand at work. As far as American Flags go, "I mean fuggedaboutit." The neighborhood houses are all flying their Seasonal Flags.

Then again, who among us will dare to peep through the Keyhole on the Door of Apathy we've erected, trying so desperately to insulate ourselves from the "Great War" and to block the "Great War's" view of us?

In my "Spiritual Experience" (for want of a better name) where I saw the maddening, horrific violence at the Experiential Boundary where "Infinite-Force Existence" and "Infinite-Resistance Existence" meet, i.e., where Immortality is locked in Eternal Conflict with Itself, I "felt-knew" that the further one is removed from the "Front Lines," so to speak, the more blissfully unaware one is of what it is that is actually maintaining the structure-function relationships we perceive as Reality.

We are unmindful of the Heroic Warrior Beings on either side of "The Clash of the Titans," who are as on conveyor belts moving toward a ravenous, insatiable, fiery, all-devouring Mouth that is the Furnace of Hell. That "Meeting Place," that "War Zone," is the Destiny that patiently awaits all of us.

We have become as corpses on a ghost ship, lulled into complacency and indifference by the tintinnabulation of the bells on some unknown distant shore. Our tranquil sailing upon the River of Time's Cool Waters will soon turn into a nightmarish, desperate "Shooting of Molten Lava Rapids," as we are rushed headlong toward the Falls of Annihilation.

As we near the Brink, we will find ourselves no longer asleep, but awakened as Warriors, because that faint "tintinnabulation" which delighted us so long ago, will reveal itself as the Clanging Bell of Hell inexorably calling us to fight for our Being.

"Therefore never send to know for whom the Bell tolls; it tolls for thee."

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