Monday, December 25, 2006

SUPER BOWL SUNDAY by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

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O’ the excitement, waiting for the game to start;
Mingling, joking, pounding heart.
People from everywhere are filling the stands;
The cheering, the praying, ever-present loyal fans.
We’re here with all our being for our hometown teams,
Those brave Sons of Autumn who strive beyond our screams.
Listen to all the voices and the banging of the drums,
A concert of sounds together, so much greater than their sums.
This is truly war drama - this cacophonous din;
Remove your masks; take off your cloaks, the clash will soon begin.
There’s something uniquely magical about this game;
We become what we were, we are not the same.
In an instant, we’re back to familiar distant lands
With no painted lines, rules, or stands.
As we look back through the timeless haze,
Our same Sons of Autumn are before our gaze.
The fears, the hopes, the cries, the cheers,
The agonies, the losses, the tears, still here.
But for love of our Sons of Autumn we had to change it all;
So we invented controlled battle and we called it FOOTBALL.

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