Saturday, December 09, 2006

I BELIEVE THE IMPOSSIBLE IS POSSIBLE by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

I first saw him struggling against the wind and snow;
As I was driving down Brighton some years ago.
Never knew him; never knew his name;
Just some guy who was obviously lame.
The more I saw him, though we never spoke;
It was clearly evident he had suffered a stroke.
Face contorted; head to the side;
Fighting so bravely to improve his stride.
No matter the weather, he would take that walk;
We passed each other often now, but did not talk.
Day after day, week after week;
I so admired his courage, why did we not speak?
Brighton Bridge fell last winter’s big rain;
I never saw his struggles again.
This morning as I drove over the Ridge,
To cross the repaired Brighton Avenue Bridge,
I saw someone running the Uphill Mile;
He was waving at me with the biggest smile.
The closer he came, the more I could see,
That he was about to say something to me.
“Good Morning! How are you today, Jim?”
"My God," I thought, "It’s Him; it’s Him!"

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Anonymous said...

This poem has a broad scope.