Saturday, July 19, 2008

THE "MOTHER" CHURCH by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"


All that exists is a metaphor of the first "Container-Contained" relationship; the "Ayn Soph" and the "Ayn" of "Ayn Soph Aur," the Male and Female Archetypes of the First Polarity, continuously manifesting themselves in ever increasing complexity in a myriad of forms, whose absolute value, while remaining constant, appears as something else in its Relative Manifestation.

By way of numerical example: 2/4, 4/8, 25/50, 40/80, 60/120, 500/1,000, 10,000/20,000, ad infinitum, all have the absolute value of "1/2," the perception of which is obfuscated by relative magnitude.

By abstraction, Man unconsciously creates his existence/environment in his own image and likeness. Sound familiar?

The Gothic Cathedral of Reims, pictured above, is a classic example of Man algebraically transmogrifying the Human Female Form of the equation into its Architectural Female Form.


As we approach the Western Facade of the Church, picture the structure as a supine female, i.e., lying on her back in the position she would be in if receiving a pelvic examination. The Two Towers, then, from top down, would represent her knees and lower legs.

The center entranceway is an almost exact anatomical representation of the Vulva, including: Prepuce, Meatus Labium Majus, Labium Minus, Vestibule, and Vaginal Opening.

The "Vaginal Opening"/Doorway leads into the interior of the Church via the Nave, which is the analog of the Vagina itself.

As you approach the Altar, you can see that the Nave is constructed in the form of a Cross. The major transverse part of this body of the church crossing the Nave, at right angles, is called the Transept, the analog of the Fallopian Tubes. One side is called St. Mary's; the other is called St. Joseph's. Earlier churches required that girls would sit on St. Mary's side; boys would sit on St. Joseph's side. These are the analogs of the Ovaries. Before modern medicine, it was believed that one ovary produced female eggs, the other only male.

The Altar Railing, is the analog of the Cervix, both of which permit limited access to the Forbidden Zone, the Tabernacle/Uterus.

Crossing the Railing, entering the Forbidden Zone to the Altar, you encounter the Tabernacle, the Holy of Holies, the analog of the Uterus, the place where the Blessed Sacrament, the Holy Communion, the "Ovum," is kept.

The bringing of the Sacred Host to the Altar Railing by the Priest is the analog of Ovulation.

The word "Host" comes from the Latin "hostia," which means "victim" or "sacrificial animal."

The "Host" represents the "Body of Christ," but not His "Life." It is unleavened bread, which means no yeast, no life, no spirit, to raise it up. It is Dead. It is lifeless. So too, is the Water only Water before Christ makes it Wine, i.e., "Blood."

The Host, "matter," "mater," Mother," "Ovum," is not transubstantiated, i.e., "Fertilized," until it comes in contact with Jesus, the Male Principle.

That Male Principle is the Life within us. Who is Jesus? He's Us. It is we who animate the clay, move the dirt, give it substance and form.

Going to Church, the Divine Brothel, and receiving Holy Communion is metaphorical Copulation and Conception. So be sure to give generously when they pass the Basket.

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