Sunday, September 14, 2008

WE WILL ALL BE TOGETHER AS ONE - AGAIN! by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

We're all fractionated parts of the One, like separate cups, each filled with water (Spirit, Life) from the same source. When the cup is broken (Death), the water returns to the source from which it came, drops returning to the Ocean, the One True Consciousness.

The Universe (Existence) is a Hologram, a Projection. Break it into tiny pieces and each piece retains the image of the Whole. Each one of us is everyone and everything. There are no others, only ourselves in different forms. That's why Jesus said, "I am in the Father and the Father is in Me, because I and my Father are One."

We should make every effort to see ourselves in others and to understand why, when you forgive, you are forgiven; why when you judge others, you, yourself are judged; why we were given the Golden Rule and the Two Great Commandments.

So many have tried to explain Existence in such complex technical terms, that it's no wonder there is confusion and lack of understanding. Science is now spending billions of dollars searching for the God Particle, the Higgs Boson, from which it is believed all matter originated, i.e., the "Nothingness" from which everything came by dividing itself over and over again.

Two-thousand years ago, St. Paul did his best to explain this most elusive of all mysteries to an audience of lower calibrated awareness, by saying, "By One Spirit are we all baptized into one Body, whether we bond or free, Jews or Gentiles."

We're like a string of multi-colored Christmas lights on the Tree of Life. When one bulb (body) goes out (dies), the Electricity (life) completes the circuit and returns to the Source (God) from which it came. Electricity (Life) never dies. When the burnt bulb (body) is replaced on the string with a new bulb (body), it lights up, sometimes with parts of the same electricity (Life) that once illuminated other Bulbs, accounting for prodigies, genius, talent, and belief in Reincarnation.

When all the bulbs are finally extinguished (the End Time, Kali Yuga, End of the Age, etc.), the Electricity (Life) gathers back into itself as One again (the Big Sleep, the Night of Brahman, Absolute Potentiality).

The Law of Conservation states that the sum total of energy and matter is constant; it can neither be created nor destroyed. This applies to Life, as well. The Three are a Trinity; three aspects of the One; One and the Same.

My tears have stopped falling
The long lonely nights are now at an end
The key to my heart you hold in your hand
And nothing else matters now we're together again
[ steel guitar ]
Together again the grey skies're gone
You're back in my arms now where you belong
The love that I knew is living again
And nothing else matters now we're together again
And nothing else matters now we're together again


Steve Savage "King of the Beasts" said...

The references on my Blog to the NAS Bible,Tao Te Ching, The Mahabharata,
Ramayana, The Baghavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam,Brahma Sutras, Upanishads,
the Vedas, etc., are as archetypal thought form matrices.

debjane said...

It turns out potentiality is more real than "reality." It is potentiality that underlies quantum nonseparability. Therefore, reality is a projection of potentiality and hence is illusory."

Hmmm. Thank you, Steve Savage.


Steve Savage "King of the Beasts" said...

While it's true that the Whole is greater than the sum of its parts, it is also true, as mathematician Bertram Russell posited, that one part can be as great as, or equal to the Whole. For example, if someone, i.e., one part, experienced the Unitive Vision and, thereby, assimilated the consciousness of all the other fractionated parts, that one would, in fact, be the keystone or cornerstone which, if removed, all would dissolve into the Nothingness from which it originated - Absolute Potentiality. The 1% and the 99% are one in Absolute Existence; it is only here in Relative Existence where the illusion of superiority/inferiority exists. All that's going down just may be the mechanism by which Absolute Consciousness deletes its Avatar, thereby, effecting the "Poof" moment.