Thursday, September 11, 2008


by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

When you killed the Gentle Children you broke our Father’s Heart;
We cannot bear His Grief and Hurt, the tears that dare not start.
He commanded us very clearly “Thou Shall Not Kill!”
How could you harm His Loved Ones and make their voices still?
Are we really Brothers, evil as you are?
You’ve revealed yourself not of our Sun but of some Eastern Star.
When first you murdered in the Distant Past,
Our blinding rage was fierce and we reached for stones to cast.
But that Protective Mark He gave you was a shield against our Wrath;
“Do him no harm,” He said. “He’s on a different Path.”
Then among the Men of Peace you hid preaching your Scriptural Lie:
“Kill yourselves and God’s Children and you’ll be in Heaven when you die.”
O’, you evil deluded Slime beyond the most corrupt;
You foolishly attacked our Mountain a volcano long ready to erupt.
How dare you defile our Kingdom the very Land We Love!
You’re an Evil Serpent among us cloaked in the guise of a Dove.
O’, rejoice aloud of your treachery; sing songs of it in your streets;
Beat the Drums of Joy and Laughter to applaud your sinful feats.
The Eagle will soon be coming; He’s spread His Wings to fly;
He’s sharpening His Beak and Talons; His mission to make you Die.
We are the Eagle, God’s Own Bird;
Majestic in our position, Obedient to His Word.
We shall be the Witnesses at the Judgment of your Soul,
To erase your name forever from the Father’s Living Scroll.

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