Monday, October 09, 2006

"Are Pisceans the Repository of Supreme Intelligence?" by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

I used to complain that I was born with no talent, no abilities, no gifts; couldn't sing, couldn't dance. But I was given one gift: the Gift of Appreciation, the ability to recognize genius in others. The most intelligent people that I have ever met, for reasons that I have not yet been able to figure out, were all March Born Pisces. Indeed, the predominant people in my life have all been of this Astrological Sign, shared by no less a genius than Albert Einstein, a March 12th Pisces. One thing they all seem to have in common, is that they reject establishment-type employment; and are human magnets who have the uncommonly good fortune to attract fantastically beautiful, intelligent women. Each of these brilliant men created/invented every facet of their own businesses which they play as a game for fun and profit among we mere mortals. They seem to have no need for fame or great fortune to validate their self worth. That's because the whole world is, for them, a vineyard where they can pick "money-grapes" off the vine whenever they choose. It would be impossible for me to say which of these Pisceans was the more superior in intellect because each has manifested and exercised his respective genius in ways that are uniquely his alone. These Piscean Geniuses are presented here, in the chronological order in which we met:

1. Dick Brown: March 13th Pisces: A childhood friend, 1940's and '50's, in Long Branch, New Jersey, where we grew up across the street from one another. Dick was a natural born entrepreneur, leader, creative genius, able to solve any problem which mystified everyone else. He was always the first by whom the new was tried. Endowed with geat natural athletic ability, Dick was adept at everything from making slingshots, shooting a rifle, ice skating, bicycle tricks, springboard diving, gymnastics, and so much more. Any personal setback in his life only proved to be a learning process, a stepping stone to ever higher levels of achievement.

2. Kevin Fister: March 11th Pisces: First met, 1966, as Long Branch Life Guards. Kevin was a master surfer. A mechanical genius without peer, Kevin is also a master mechanic, master sailor, entrepreneur; indeed, the word "master" seems to apply to everything he does. Through the sheer force of his personal genius, Kevin has been able to withstand onslaughts from Eminent Domain Abusers, using the power of their political offices, seeking to appropriate his very desirable, very valuable properties, to line their own pockets. Every time their most expensive, high profile attorneys make their move, Kevin is there before them. He could very easily accept the millions offered him, but that would only end the Game and spoil the excitement. Kevin is playing a very high stakes "chess game" and loving every minute of it.

3. Carl Budde: March 11th Pisces: Carl, my publishing partner, in Tarzana, California, 1976, was a childhood prodigy, whose IQ was off the charts, and excelled at every sport. The most complicated problems, of any kind, were mere child's play for Carl. He is the inventor of every phase of the electronic money system in use throughout the banking industry, retail industry, you name it, for wherever "near money" is used. He knew every facet of publishing. He could sell, source, create innovative logistics that were absolutely brilliant.

4. Bill Jennings: March 10th Pisces: My business partner since 1991 and business associate since 1984. Bill, like Carl, has an IQ off the charts. From as little as next to nothing, he has been able to establish companies that immediately brought in revenues from dead stop to first week, of $50,000 and more, with practically no overhead, almost all profit. He's the guy that really knows how to make the "Net" count. Bill, one of Columbia Universities brightest graduates is a brilliant published author, in the genre of James Joyce. I personally believe Bill will one day be recognized as having surpassed even that literary icon. Famous authors continually nominate him for our highest literary awards. He is also the greatest salesman I have ever met and shoots a very mean game of Basketball. Working often less than three hours per week, he is able to maintain a very, very comfortable life style with an income that most others would have to work 50 to 60 hours to equal.

5. Kirt McMaster: March 9th Pisces: I first encountered Kirt via an email he sent to me after reading my review on Richard Maurice Bucke's "Cosmic Consciousness." While dozens of people have tried to convince me over the years that they had attained the "Unitive Vision," sometimes referred to as the "Beatific Vision," "Samadi," "Nirvana;" most of these frauds were only "Asses carrying the metaphysics of others." The one thing these fakes all have in common is that they all plagiarized accounts of those who have actually had the experiences. Kirt was the only one who gave an account of his experiences that was credible. A Harvard MBA, hailing from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Kirt is endowed with cosmic intelligence. Indeed, at this time, he just may be the most spiritually evolved Homo Solaris on the planet. He is prophetic, perspicacious, and a lens through which the Infinite is focused. His spirituality is evolving exponentially, and he will, no doubt, be a major figure, if not the major figure, on the world stage as the End Times Drama begins to unfold more rapidly. I often quote: "Only he who walks the Path knows the Doctrine." If you are one who is on the Path, visit Kirt's Blog at:


kyn said...

according to Rosicrusianism.. Pisces is the only true Humanity that exists in this... the earth age.. which is about to give birth or is now birthing the Jupiter age.. the age of Supermen.

V said...

this post really makes me feel good about myself (i'm a piscean:)), because well i'm going through this phase of low self esteem currently... also had been thinking if pisceans are essentially dumb (a Libran friend once said that!) or not :) so thank you!

ledguy315 said...

As a Pisces (ides of March), this post really hits home for me. Thanks for some positive reading material.

Jim.Br549 said...

Nice article. There are similarities and there have been occasions that what you say are true. I always said thank you to the man upstairs, and tried never to gloat about the special things in my life.

thanks for the positive material - jim