Friday, October 27, 2006

" Who We Really Are" by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

The Ego is Satan, the "Resistor." It is futilely fighting extinction, annihilation, with every bit of determination fueled by Fear because it is, after all, Mortal, therefore, False.

We must grant the ephemeral Ego "Free Will" so it may willingly die for us; that it must love us enough to set us free from the Cage of Acquired Habits it built for and which imprisons, us.

What the Ego fears will come to it. It fears us, because we are Love. We love first because we are the Source. The Ego, in returning love, lets go and surrenders to the Absolute, because it is much more joyful to love than to be loved. Thus, the Lover and Beloved become One.

The greatest danger in experiencing the "Unitive Vision" is the unwillingness of the Ego to let go and let God. The use of words, such as, "I," "Me," "My," and "Mine," are direct evidence that the Ego is in a state of Resistance to Annihilation, i.e., Surrender to the Will of God.

This is the definition of "Satan," the "Resistor."

There is a marked difference between "will" and "Will." The drop that falls into the ocean does not retain its identity; it becomes One with the All.

If an Enlightened Being sees himself as anything other than a part of the Whole and deludes himself into thinking he is other than, separate from, or in any way above another, he is diagnosed as a Malignant Messianic Megalomaniacal Narcissist. Pray like Hell that you don't fit this definition.


Rachel said...

This is a fabulous post! I truly get it..That freakin ego is a killer..It is a trickster, our false self-Satans tool...Such a struggle, such a personal struggle..Bless you

green71 said...

Good mornıng Steve and thıs ıs wonderful explaın there and yes and ı am fıght my ego and satan and all many year ago and ı destroy and start new lıfe style and ı never let them grow agaın my self and my way ıs help people and heal and love and lıght and always and ı hope all ıs well there and enjoy your day .............