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The Story of "THE 666 REFERRAL SERVICE" by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

(Continued from: "THE STORY OF JUDAS" by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts")

April 18, 1978. After driving over the Ben Franklin Bridge and discovering on the downhill that the brakes on Anna’s car had been sabotaged, I knew damned well that I had to get busy. There wasn't much time to do to what I had to do. It was not even close to being over. At first, I was willing to let things ride for all of the bullshit they put me through, but when I realized that Anna’s life was in danger, at the mercy of these nameless, faceless monsters; I was left with no choice but to play the hand I was dealt.

After several days of enjoying my freedom, I contacted representatives of the New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association, told them who I was, what I was all about, and what I planned to do.

I was appointed Advertising Director of their official newspaper, “THE FINEST,” when I demonstrated, before their eyes, that I was personally able to raise thousands of advertising dollars with just a few phone calls, WITH NO HEAT, while, at the same time, forming a police support group that would back up the police under any and all circumstances. My Code Name was Lou Donatello.

Because I was under a vow of Poverty and Obedience to the Church, owning nothing, I donated almost all monies, in cash, to the PBA, keeping only what I needed to maintain myself. "Thou shalt not muzzle the Ox while he's threshing."

I sponsored Police Softball Leagues, Basketball Leagues, Dinners, supplied Police Vests, and any and all things to demonstrate to the Police that I was not a criminal, but a Political Prisoner. If someone in the future was going to make problems for me, I was making damned sure they got paid back in spades.

I launched stop drunk driving campaigns, stop child abduction campaigns, wrote and sponsored radio spots for public safety announcements by Police Chiefs, trained hundreds of salespeople,and wrote the sales presentations for all Official Police Newspapers, directed political campaigns for Chiefs and Police Officers, including posters, photos, writing speeches, newspaper articles, the whole ball of wax.

Before too long, a State Police Investigator began a probe of my activities; questioning printers, my local PBA, among others. When the Investigator came to my apartment, his main concern was why I was giving money to the police. Because all donations were in cash, I asked who it was that said that I was giving money. He said the police said so. I truthfully replied, “Well that may be, but whatever donations were made, it was because I understand what they go through each and every day, and to let them know that they always have a friend here.”

Because the Bell of Truth Rings in Every Man,
the State Police Investigator left as a friend and we were friends until his death several years ago. Although I have made personal friends with hundreds of law enforcement officials through the years, including contacts in the National Security Agency, to avoid even the appearance of impropriety, it has been my personal choice to avoid one-on-one social interaction which might have compromised their position.

July 1979, I was invited to attend the New Jersey State Police Chiefs Convention. Thousands were in attendance, including the Governor, Attorney General, and Police and Political Dignitaries of every rank and stripe.

Before the social amenities of the evening took place, I met, in secret, with the office holders of the Association and laid out my plans for a Chiefs Magazine to be titled, “THE VOICE OF THE CHIEFS.” It would be fully supported by an elite group of 5,000 advertisers, who were personally tested by me, and made members of a non-incorporated group, bound together by their word. The name of the group: THE 666 REFERRAL SERVICE.

At the cocktail party, I made sure I had my photo taken with the Governor and every office holder present, which I later published.

The dinner was held in a huge auditorium, complete with dais, lectern, backdrops, etc. I made two speeches both of which received thunderous applause when I presented a diamond ring and men’s gold bracelet to the incoming and outgoing presidents, respectively. (This is pretty funny shit when you think about it.)

One week after the Convention, the first, and only, Photo Edition issue of “THE VOICE OF THE CHIEFS” was published and distributed. The shit really hit the fan. Everybody even remotely connected to me was now under investigation by someone.

"Whoever they were," came for me in the middle of the night. I was taken to a hotel in East Brunswick and ushered into a darkened hospitality room. Seated around the table were eight men in suits. I couldn’t make out who they were in the darkness. What they were, however, was apparent; they represented Authority. It was quite evident that they were all wearing guns because they made no effort to conceal them.

After all the preliminary questions: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, AND HOW, they got to the big one. They all stood up, looming as large as they could, turned towards me, jackets pushed back to show their guns, and the one who seemed to be in charge, asked, in a very contemptuous tone of voice:

“What’s this 666 Referral Service?”

“What do you think it is?” I replied.

“Don’t you read the Bible? Don’t you know what that means?” he countered.

I stared directly into his eyes,into his very soul, so that he could see me as I am, and very deliberately, very measuredly, intoned these words: “Well, if you think that, don’t you think that you should be questioning me a lot more carefully than you are?”

Sensing the fear of their spirits, I then assured them, out of the understanding of their hosts, that I would not consider this arrogance in the Later Time. Now that we all knew who was who and what was what, a veil of forgetfulness was then drawn across their remembrances as we adjourned back into the world of ordinary appearances.

NEXT: Double Jeopardy.

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