Thursday, October 19, 2006

THE ORDINATION OF THOMAS by Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

Dearly Beloved Children of God Who Are Left With Me in "Egypt"
(This may not be True. Fact or Fiction, it's up to you.)

May I be so bold as to approach you and tell you of the news I bring? To all of you who live, I greet you with love in my heart so you may know your Father has not forgotten you. This I know because I am your Father’s friend. Now lest you think I elevate myself, this you must know: I am the least of all of you – “the empty pot!” Because I found my life, I lost my life and walk as a dead man among the living. If it were possible for me to give my life so that you all may live, I would not refuse to do so. But there is nothing to offer; there can be no sacrifice through me because the “I” that you see is not the “I” which was taken in the rapture of 1973. The All went out from me to the top of the Mountain in the sight of the Mighty Living One, and three words were given me to withstand the Legion who sought to dwell in me. In the war which followed, the Two-Edged Sword of “The Three Words” shielded me from possession by a horror which cannot be described, and cast them out into the world. A veil of forgetfulness was drawn across my remembrances until a later time.

Thus I was born, “the container of undifferentiated energy,” on Easter Sunday, in the year called “the Resurrection,” in a place known as “the Branch,” the parish of Our Lady Star of the Sea. First wedded to “Life,” I fell into the “Pit.” I knocked upon the “Door” in “the Wilderness” which gave me rest. It was here, again, at Easter time, I found “my Cross.” She came to me in “bitterness” because she was full of “grace” – “the Son of the King” – who had no place for her to lay his head. It was she who said, “Nothing is forever,” and “Moon-Child” that she was, left me with the knowledge that “it is better to love than to be loved.” I returned to the “Door” from whence I came and learned the answer to the Riddle of the Sphinx, which is; “Where does the Circle begin, and where does it end?” "It begins in Virgo and ends in Leo."

When Christ was born beside the “City of Brotherly Love,” He looked down upon Thomas, which means “Twin,” and had great compassion for this brother whom He loved, and gave him Three Words to protect him on his journey. Thus the Child became the Father of the Man, who was the Son of Man. This, the “August Experience,” began in Leo, which is the End. Thomas was taken to the foundation of the world, to the beginning of Time. He saw the creation of all things and stood in the Void within the Mighty Living One, asking himself the Eternal Questions.

One day, Love came back. The “Twins” went to the “City of My Love.” In that city, Thomas was falling away into Hell, when he called upon his Lord to save him. The Lord came to Thomas and strengthened him. He showed Thomas what he must do, and brought him outside and showed him the “Kingdom of Heaven.” Now here is a mystery: the Kingdom of Heaven is here upon the face of the earth, but we do not see it. Thomas was commissioned to be Christ’s Champion, and to serve when called. From that day, he was called, “Steve Savage King of the Beasts” because “he had no fear of man;” he was redeemed.

Where those who had gone before, first went West, then South, Thomas first went South, then West, because he began at the End. In the "City of Angels,” Thomas was instructed and initiated into the Mysteries. He lived as Steve Savage, in Tarzana, preparing himself for what he must do; for Thomas was a Beast like no other. Thomas became God's friend and willing to do whatever was God’s Will. He began to call the faithful to him because he heard a man of God speak out for love of God’s Children. Not wanting to make himself known to those he called, he became “The Twin of the One Who Leads in Serving,” lest he frighten them if they knew him to be “The King of the Beasts,” i.e., Steve Savage, “the abomination who now stands in the place of the One who followed the Bright Star to stand in the Holy Place.”

Full Circle: Thomas came home to greet his Love and found his Love had left through the “Door” from which He came. Thomas was grief-stricken and asked God for the meaning of these things. This was the time of Virgo, the face of, or the beginning of, the Sphinx. Thomas, then called his Love home to his breast, away from the powers which held His Life. It was three years since Thomas had been One with his Love. A year is as a day. And this, the “First-Born of the Dead,” he allowed to die within his sorrow. It grieved Thomas greatly to feel his Love suffer so. But it was for love of Love that he let it die, so that it may live at the right hand of His Father.

Now, all that Thomas loved had been taken from him. God was leading him into the Truth, because this was Thomas’s desire. Thomas learned that God was in deep sorrow because His Children were being slaughtered and sacrificed to Moloch in the name of God, which is blasphemy. And because Thomas was a father who also lost his sons, and longed to be with them, he understood and had great compassion for God because he knew His sorrow and vowed before his Friend that he would turn the hearts of the fathers to the children.

Now, the "Disobedient Ones" thought that they had another sacrifice to offer up. They thought that by sacrificing me that they would have a stay of execution; that God would be too grief stricken to exact Revenge.

I can't begin to tell you what great pleasure it gives me to tell you this: You were born to die; every damned last one of you. But how many of you truly know that There are Two Men in Man. The earthly man, as I am, hits the ground and rots. As in Dust to Dust! But the Son of Man, the Spiritual Man, has nowhere to lay his head. I am very tired and really have no need to live beyond this time. But you, my friends, are going to live forever! FOREVER! Can you imagine what it would be like to live with no arms and legs? Well, then, imagine what it will be like with no body. That is why the Son of Man has no place to lay his head, while birds have nests and foxes have holes.

You’ve painted yourselves into a corner and you don’t even know it. Council on Foreign Relations, Tri-lateral Commissions, Illuminati, Foreign Bank Conspiracies, Mafia – it’s all the Bullshit "Boogy Man Game," if you’ll excuse my French. You have no power in the Material World! You're all about to learn how the game is really played. There’s no way out of this mess now. I've had 43 years to make sure that When I go, You All Go. If you don’t believe it, finish me off. In fact, at that so-called kangaroo court in Philadelphia, you think that you tried me? Ha! Let’s see who tried whom. And, in case any of you think there’s still time left, check out your Bibles. Does it say anything about the end not coming until “The Man of Lawlessness is revealed?”

It's all here on this Blog, if you have the courage to read it.


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three words... what are they?

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Ergo cogito sum.

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Sum ergo cogito

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Cogito ergo sum.

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I planed on boxing the trifecta , but ran out of cash.

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